Breakfast With Kaci: 'The Buttered Biscuit' in Sumner

Above: I learn how to stir this giant pot of cornbread batter. GIANT, I tell ya!

SUMNER -- Their name is all about the biscuits, but they're customers are all about their cornbread. And we are talking homemade, GIANT servings of cornbread.

Tami has owned The Buttered Biscuit in Sumner for eight years now, and she says their regular customers make her job fun. The menu is known for everything from their giant, 'Don't be a Chicken' dish (you have to see it to believe it!) to their spicy bacon bloody Mary and their gluten-free options. Watch the videos to see what happened when they put me to work there!

Every week or so, we head out to try another hot breakfast spot as nominated by YOU on our Twitter and Facebook pages, using the hashtag: #BreakfastwithKaci . Let us know where we should go next!

Below: More from The Buttered Biscuit

Below: We talk to some of the customers!