PEMCO experts: Four times when "cheap" can cost you more

We all love to save money, but there are times when buying cheap can actually cost you more.

The experts at PEMCO Insurance said right now is a really challenging time in the Northwest to buy a house or find a place to rent.

A lot of times, people compromise in areas that can't be changed.

"So, for example buying and renting in a location that's too far from work and they're sacrificing their quality of life for longer commute times or they find a place that's a steal, but only to discover it's in a neighborhood that is a little sketchy after dark," said Michelle Sievers, the Community Relations and Engagement Manager at PEMCO Insurance.

Here are three other times when "cheap" can cost more:

    Online reviews make it easier to decide between buying cheap and going with a better quality item.

    PEMCO said there are a lot of ways you can save money with things around the house.

    "Many homeowners tend to buy extra features and cycles with their dishwashers or washing machines only that when they bring it home, they're not using anymore than the basic settings and this is true even for smart refrigerators," said Sievers.

    PEMCO said when it comes to appliances, you should choose a model with good ratings and go simple.