The SCIENCE behind 'Ripley's Believe It or Not'

Above: Why is this car so small? And how did I convince someone to let ME drive it?! Scroll down for more videos.

SEATTLE -- From the unusual to the curious... to the just-plain-weird; the latest exhibit at Seattle's Pacific Science Center is interactive, informative fun for kids and people of all ages! It's "The Science Behind Ripley's Believe It or Not."

Stand next to a replica of the former 'World's Tallest Man' and learn what made him grow to be nearly 9 feet tall. Explore the world of entomophagy and taste a bug or two.  Investigate optical illusions, and learn what makes them so tricky! It's all here, and the exhibit runs through January 4th! Click HERE for tickets and info.

In addition, if YOU have something YOU think is 'bizarre', the folks with Ripley's will be in Seattle hosting their Ripley's Bizarre Buying Bazaar on November 14th and 15th. Click HERE for details.

Below: Are bugs delicious? Why some scientists say eating bugs and larvae are the future. And yes, I tried one. Barely.

Below: What is it like to stand NEXT to the tallest man in the world?

Below: The largest snake ever recorded no longer exists (whew!) but when it did, it weighed as much as a car!