These 10 topics make men tune out of conversations, study finds

LONDON -- A new study in The Daily Mail says men are indeed bad listeners.

In fact, according to the study that followed 2,000 men, guys only listen for an average of six minutes when their partner is talking. But when their guy friends talk, men will listen for up to 25 minutes.

The Top 10 Things that Make a Man Tune Out, according to The Daily Mail, are:

1. Talk about people they've never met

2. Partner's workmates

3. Celebrities or reality stars

4. Fashion/shopping

5. Other people's relationships

6. What's been said/done on Facebook

7. Horoscopes

8. What partner had for lunch

9. Partner's feelings

10. Dieting/nutrition

BUT, two things that make a man tune in are sports and sex. Go figure.

For more on this study, watch the videos above.