WATCH: Happy Blue Halloween! Check out the best Seahawks costumes

Above: Mini-Blitz shows me how to run onto the field Blitz-style; probably to shut me up after I made too many pirate jokes as "Pirate Sherm." He likes to make int-ARRR-ceptions! Get it? No?

SEATTLE -- We knew our 12s would come through with style on Halloween! Decked out in their best Seahawks costumes, we saw everything from a Zombie Beast Mode to a mini-Blitz, and everything in between. Everyone who showed up to Sluggers Seattle this morning received a Seahawks yearbook; first prize was a Super Bowl football signed by Michael Bennett!

The lovely Sea Gals joined us to select the winners. To check out all of the costumes, watch the videos below; big thanks to Sluggers for having us out (click HERE to go to their website; they are right across from CenturyLink field and open early on game day!) and to the Sea Gals and Seahawks for joining us. And thanks to our diehard 12s for making Halloween extra blue!

What does a Zombie Marshawn Lynch look like? Watch the video below!

Below: Check out these awesome Seahawks costumes!

Below: The Sea Gals announce the winners!