WATCH: Simple yoga poses you can do in your car AND at work!

Above: Christine Chen, author of "Happy-Go-Yoga", shows Kaci how to fight traffic with yoga. Check out the video below for yoga at work!

SEATTLE -- Think you don't have the time or the money for yoga? In her new book, "Happy-Go-Yoga", Christine Chen makes it easy! She took her first yoga class in 1999, and soon realized it was the one thing she could count on to relieve stress and chronic back pain. Fast forward to 2015, and the former journalist-turned-yoga teacher (she once anchored the news right here on Q13 FOX!) is spreading what she calls her most important message yet: yoga can, as her book's title suggests, "relieve pain, reduce stress, and add joy".

Watch the above video for simple yoga moves you can do in your car the next time rush hour hits; then check out the video below for suggested poses you can easily do at your desk throughout the workday. For more on "Happy-Go-Yoga" and to snag a copy for yourself, click HERE.