WATCH: Thanking a teacher on live TV for Teacher Appreciation Week

REDMOND -- National Teacher Appreciation Week continues, as we honor a local teacher live in their classroom each morning this week (based on YOUR nominations)!

Today, we want to congratulate Elyse Reynolds. Ms. Reynolds is a special education preschool teacher at Emily Dickenson Elementary in Redmond. She was nominated by parent Sunny, who says:

"My boy is special needs with autism, speech delays, and sensory processing disorder. He started school a couple of days after he turned 3 years old. He maybe had ten words to communicate with us. With Elyse and her other para-educators, my son talks and he is learning. He absolutely loves Elyse with her kind smile and patient demeanor. She is an angel. I believe she should be recognized for all of the hard work she puts in."

Congratulations, Ms. Reynolds! We honored her with gifts from Rodeo Donuts, Macy's,  and Walmart.