WATCH: What it's REALLY like working the morning rush at Starbucks

SEATTLE -- The next time you grab your morning latte on your way in to work, remember just how hard the folks BEHIND the counter are working! I learned the hard way that keeping track of double tall nonfat no-foam two pump raspberry latte orders AND getting the drink made right AND smiling and staying warm and friendly through it all is NOT super easy. Take a look at what happened when we went live from the Starbucks on East Pike and Broadway in Seattle during our morning show- with me in an apron behind the bar. Huge thanks to the store manager, Mikey Rotman Koenen, for being the nicest, most patient trainer I could ask for!

I worked there on an important date for Starbucks: they launched their first new holiday flavor in 5 years: the chestnut praline latte! Also today through November 16th, it's buy-one-get-one-free on the holiday flavors between 2pm and 5pm daily! More:

Below: Behold, the worst latte art in the world! Great work, me. 

Below: FINALLY getting the hang of it! Sort of.