Bill Wixey calls 12s to action, Facebook post goes viral

SEATTLE -- Q13 FOX News This Morning's Bill Wixey took to Facebook late last night, striking a chord with thousands of 12s  following the Seahawks loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Wixey, a fan of the Seahawks since the team's infancy in the 70s, raised questions about the current state of both the team and the fans at CenturyLink Field. His post has been shared nearly 1,500 times.

"This is going to tick some 12s off," Wixey started. "But this needs to be said."

While some criticized Wixey's approach, many seemed to agree with his current take on the 2-4 team.

"I just told my husband that part of the problem is that the crowd won't boo when the Hawks do something stupid or just aren't playing well," Sarah Craft wrote.

Others put the blame on two back-to-back Super Bowl appearances.

"This is a tired team," Kurt Schou wrote "Both mentally and physically. They are thinking waaaayy to much."

On Monday, Wixey wrote an updated post explaining, perhaps, why the Seahawks aren't playing well. Complacency is the biggest problem facing the Hawks, he says.

The Seahawks look to right their season Thursday when they head down to San Francisco to play The 49ers.