Commentary: Has Seattle reached its saturation point in sports? Absolutely not.

We start tonight with a round of applause to this city – and its fans. 

Most of us already know what an amazing sports town this is – but this weekend was some sort of special.

The Kraken’s historic first-ever home playoff game was obviously the centerpiece. But to have that many successful events on one weekend, including close to a combined 100,000 fans attending five or six sporting events around town in a single day, was exceptional. From OL Reign to the Sounders, the Mariners to Husky softball, the Kraken to the Husky Spring Football Game all in one day – then to follow it up with a M’s and a Sea Dragons game the next – is a testament to the enthusiasm and devotion of our sports base. 

And I will continue to die on the hill with the argument that this city is far from its saturation point when it comes to sports in this city. 

Which is to say: I hope the NBA was paying very close attention last night. 

Because last night, Seattle arguably earned its title as a hockey town, thanks to the most incredible atmosphere inside Climate Pledge Arena. Forget the results, which we’ll get to later in the show. But to host an NHL playoff game – and to show-out the way the fans did in front of a national audience – takes Seattle to a brand new level. 

That arena was built for noise, and anyone there clearly felt it. But the real impact is what could be seen from home. Through the TV screen. 

I mean, the camera shots were shaking, because the building was shaking. If you were there, those are memories you’ll clearly never forget. But they’re also images viewers will never forget as well. 

Across town at the same time, more than 30,000 fans watched the Sounders shutout Minnesota, reminding me of the erroneous skepticism I felt when they first announced Major League Soccer was coming to Seattle in 2008. That franchise has thrived since Day One and hasn’t looked back.

This past week, I was in Denver, where Ball Arena hosted Game One of the Kraken and Avs on Tuesday, converted to host a Nuggets NBA playoff game on Wednesday, then converted back to host Game Two of the Kraken and Avs on Thursday. This city is more than ready for the exact same thing. 

So, Seattle, tonight is your chance to take another bow. We’re normally reminded of your devotion when football’s here in the Fall, when the Mariners and Sounders make playoff runs as well. But this year, the month of April brought us something new – and fans stepped up and met that challenge head on. 

It’s a testament to the passion of the sports fan in Seattle. 

And proof to anyone willing to listen that we can handle even more.