FAN FEVER: Chants of 'Sea ... Hawks!' on flight to Arizona

PHOENIX -- "Sea...!" the Alaska Airlines flight attendant, adorned in Seahawks blue and green shouted into the microphone. "HAWKS!" the passengers replied on this sold out flight to Phoenix.

This is just one of dozens of packed flights, loaded with 12s.

Many passengers wore Russell Wilson's number 3 jersey, in honor of Alaska Airlines' CFO (Chief Football Officer). Wearing a Wilson jersey allows those passengers to board the plane first.

"I think it's awesome to pay tribute to Russell this way," said one fan, donning his number 3 jersey. "The fact that Russell has overcome the odds and has become the soul of the Seahawks after being drafted in the third round is such a great story."

One fan says he brought his Wilson jersey but left it in his suitcase, "I don't want to get it dirty until game day."

Thousands of Seahawks fans are making their way to the desert for Sunday's battle of the birds -- an NFC West match up that could very well decide the divisional championship.

Local Seahawkers organizers tell me they expect about 15,000 12s to make the trip. Several fan rallies are planned in Scottsdale and in Glendale, the site of University of Phoenix Stadium, the home of the Arizona Cardinals.

The 12s will be visible, and of course, they will be vocal during Sunday's game.

"We will be a sizable dot of blue in a sea of red," says Kenny Bishop, The head of the Phoenix SeaHawkers.

The Seahawks are expected here in Phoenix about 6:30 p.m. Saturday. Kickoff for tomorrow night's nationally televised primetime matchup is set for 5:30 Seattle time.