Fishing Report of the Week: Pink Salmon in Snohomish River

Northwest Fishing Reports

Angler: Roosterpie
Fished: 08/27/2021
Air: 66° - 70°
Method: Anchored
Species: Pink Salmon
Color:L Pink
Weather: Mostly Sunny
Tackle: Jigs
Time: Morning
Posted: 08/27/2021

Well any day spent fishing is better than work. That is the case most the time. There are exceptions, but this wasn't one. It was a good day on the lower Snohomish. I was told not to post, but I think the secret is out. Hey, pinks are just as fun to catch as anything else and they smoke up pretty well. Tastes like fish to me. Fished the tide from top going out for an hour or two. Limited Friday easy. Fished Saturday also, but not as long since it was like being in a washing machine on the river Saturday. Caught three and didn't want to go through the spin cycle of the washing machine anymore. Reminded me why I don't fish pinks on the weekends ever. I just forgot since I haven't been able to fish them the past some years. Had to find all my pink jigs which where stored away in a hidden tackle box.. Those guys running up and down and up and down over and over again should stop and fish if they want to catch them. They are pinks. They are moving and there are more right behind them. No need to chase them. Anyway, everyone knows the secret lure. Something pink. Jigs are easy. Caught enough to load the smoker to the brim. Came out well. See if I get one more trip in before the river closes. Was not happy they are closing the river before the silvers really start to show. I like to fish those in the river! I like to fish the Everett Derby in the river. Maybe they open the Snoqualmie though since I couldn't keep them off the hook last year while I was down fishing for steelhead. There were a lot of them and they said there was no return. Wonder if they ever looked? Anyway, if you got a young kid and want to get them hooked on fishing haul them down to the river and let them hook into some of these pinks on ultra lite poles and lite line. It's a blast! Be prepared for a crowd though if it is the weekend.

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