Fishing Report of the Week: Sockeye Salmon at Baker Lake

Northwest Fishing Reports

Angler herefishy
Fished 07/20/2021
Air° 71° - 75°
Method Trolling W/Downriggers
Species Sockeye Salmon
Bait Shrimp
Color Pink
Weather Mostly Sunny
Tackle Trolling Fly
Water°66° - 70°
Posted 07/20/2021

Northwest Fishing Reports

Fished Baker lake for 4 days (7/20 - 7/23) Not fast and furious, but with determination my husband and I did well.

Day 1 - Had 4 on but lost 2. Stupid mistakes. I tried to horse one in and it freaked out. Literally pulled and bent the hook. My husband got one caught in the trolling motor. Really bad... lost the fish and all the tackle to go with it.

Day 2 - Cold, cloudy and fish didn't want to cooperate but after spending 7 hours on the water we managed to catch 3 between us.

Day 3 - Boated 4 between us. Epic moment was when I got my PB sockeye! A nice buck at 27", 6.5 lbs.

Day 4 - Seen a lot more nets flying today. Husband caught 2 and after waiting patiently, I got a 10" kokanee. Figured I couldn't out do my catch from the day before so called it good.

I used my Velocity Samurai rod and Okuma cold water low profile reel. Caught all on pink flies with a few beads and spinner, RMT 5.5 pink/orange splatter dodger.

My husband was using two rods, his Velocity Samurai and Salmon X-treme with Okuma cold water reels. Caught using pink flies and homemade pink wedding rings, 7.5 Macks Double D moonglow dodger and Kokabow 5.5 pink/purple dodger.

Store bought shrimp cured with rock salt, dyed pink and scented with Slammin' Sams krill/anise or canned tuna/garlic.

Depth ranged between 40 - 50 feet on the downrigger, 25 foot set back.

Baker lake scenery was beautiful as always!

Northwest Fishing Reports

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