Marshawn Lynch on retirement: 'I'm done. I'm not playing football anymore'

If it wasn't clear before, it is now.

Beast Mode is retired. For good.

Marshawn Lynch, the (now former) Seattle Seahawks running back, appeared on 60 Minutes Sports, putting an end to some swirling rumors as to whether or not he would return to the NFL.

Lynch says he is definitely done.

"I'm retired. Is that good enough. Which camera do you want me to look into? I'm done. I'm not playing football anymore."

Last month, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Lynch back in uniform.

“I don’t put anything past him,” Sherman said. “He’s about as predictable as a pair of dice. So I don’t try to call his plays.”

Lynch, the Seahawks’ fourth-leading all-time rusher, announced his retirement in February by hanging up a pair of cleats and tweeting a picture of them.

In May, the Seahawks officially placed him on the reserved/retired list.