'Remember November': Pete Carroll says Seahawks' remarkable success in November no accident

SEATTLE - If history is any indication, this should be a very good month for the Seattle Seahawks.

Dating back to 2012, the Seahawks are a ridiculous 15-4 in November - the best in the NFL. They've also got two games at home, where they're famously dominant, and two games in prime time - where they've gone 20-3-1 in the Pete Carroll era.

As he does every week, Carroll set aside some time for an exclusive interview with the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX. This week, he talked about November being "a big deal" for the team, Russell Wilson's incredible penchant for fourth-quarter comebacks, and that wild, wild win over the Houston Texans last weekend.

When last week’s game ends the way it did, what’s in store for this week?

I don’t know, that was quite a matchup last week, a great game for the fans and all. We’re gonna try and play a good, solid football game and if it comes out like that, we’ll be ready.

What stands out to you about that comeback?

I think the fact we had to play behind all day. We were behind and we just kept plugging away. Attitude on the sidelines, attitude in the locker room at halftime was excellent. Guys were very clear about it didn’t matter what the score was, and we kept going just like we want to. So it turned out with the opportunity for the big finish, and we were there for it.

Russell Wilson was named NFC offensive player of the week. This week marks the 100th career, starts, and 23 of those starts have ended in a game-winning overtime or fourth-quarter drive. Does anybody handle those situations better than Russell Wilson?

He really is exactly what you want in this situation. That’s a lot! That’s a high percentage of our games! He’s very poised. He’s worked very hard to be in command and control when the time comes. We’re not thinking anything but something good’s going to happen when he gets out there.

Duane Brown took the loss last week, but it turns out to be a win for him as he heads to this team this week. What’s your reaction to him joining the Seahawks?

Well, we’re really fired up about it. He brings so much. He’s got tremendous experience, and he’s been such a successful player at a high level for a really long time. He’s in good shape, he’s physical fit. The smarts, and also the connection he has with our system in the past, allows him to jump right in here and transition quickly. A lot of positives. He’s going to be a great role model for guys in time, when he gets his feet on the ground and settled, our guys are going to really benefit. So, we’re very fortunate to have him.

What’s your take on Washington coming in? What have you seen on film?

They’ve had a very difficult schedule. They’ve played really good teams, and they’ve played really good throughout. Great game on the road out here in L.A. early in the season. I think they’re a well-equipped scheme – I really like everything that they do, from the 3-4 scheme that they play on defense, and the offensive scheme is one that we’ve always regarded highly. Lot of respect, and it’s going to be a very good football team. I know they want to win very badly.

What’s the challenge in facing a team that’s clearly desperate for a win?

I think we all are. We’re all desperate for a win every time we go. It’s the only game in the world, and they feel I’m sure the same way about that. Sometimes, it really does bring out the best in clubs, and we’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The Seahawks have an NFL-best 15-4 record in November going back to 2012. What’s the reason for that?

Remember November, all that kind of stuff. In college football, it was the same kind of thing except a month earlier. So, it’s a big deal. It’s really important to play well at home obviously, so we’re thrilled we’re playing at home to get a chance to keep that going.