Report: Seahawks Bruce Irvin says, 'Atlanta is where I want to be'

ATLANTA -- Seahawks Defensive End Bruce Irvin hopes to play for Atlanta after the 2015 season, reportedly telling a Black Sports Online reporter "Atlanta is where I want to be."

Irvin was at an Atlanta Hawks playoff game Wednesday night when he was approached by Samuel Logan of Black Sports Online, according to reports. Logan reportedly asked where Irvin wants to play after his contract is up with the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. Irvin responded in no uncertain terms.

"I'm going to be in Atlanta next season," Irvin reportedly told Logan. "I'm ready."

Irvin, a first-round draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, is from Atlanta. Irvin's former defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, is now the head coach of the Falcons.

The Seahawks decided not to pick up the fifth-year contract option on the star pass rusher earlier this year, and Irvin made waves for tweeting, "Faced way tough adversity getting out them streets coming up! That's s*** is nothing! F*** THAT OPTION!"

Irvin later tweeted that he is still committed to the Seahawks.

Logan even reportedly pressed Irvin Wednesday night, asking if the Seahawks were willing to give Irvin money, would he stay in Seattle. The defensive end stood by his original statement.

"Atlanta is where I want to be," he told Logan. "Believe that."