Texas Rangers pull off rare triple play not seen in 106 years

Bases loaded, nobody out.

The Angels' David Fletcher then hits a hard ground ball to third that results in a triple play last seen in Major League Baseball in 1912, reports USA Today.

The rarity? The batter wasn't one of the outs, according to STATS.

Watch the play pulled off by the Texas Rangers in this video. Even without the batter anomaly, the play was still pretty unusual, notes ESPN.

In baseball parlance, it was a 5-4 triple play (referring to third-baseman Jurickson Profar and second-baseman Rougned Odor), only the third such one in the expansion era that began in 1961.

Profar made two of the outs himself, by tagging the runner on third and stepping on the base; he then threw to Odor for the last out.

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