The Huskies look to rebound after their loss to Auburn

SEATTLE -- The loss against Auburn is only the fourth time the Washington Huskies dropped their season opener in the last decade.

"It just puts that big chip on our shoulder," Huskies senior defensive lineman Greg Gaines said. "I feel like we should have won that game and we just have to lock in the details, like tune things up a little bit, and I think we're going to have a great season."

With Auburn behind them the Dawgs focus on North Dakota. A FCS program transitioning to the Missouri Valley Conference.

"I doesn't even matter who we are playing we practice the same way regardless," Huskies junior defensive back Austin Joyner said. "It could be the best team or it could be the worst team. We're out there trying to make ourselves better each practice."

Historically the Huskies have dominated in their home openers and that goes back over the course of the last century. More recently Washington has won eight home openers in a row and that dates back to 2010 as well as winning 16 consecutive home non-conference games.

"We always protect home," Huskies assistant defensive backs coach Will Harris said. "This is where you let it be know that no one is going to come into our house and beat us in our house. So it's like talking that pride about it knowing that we're to do it in front of our Husky fans."

Dubbed "The Greatest Setting in College Football", the players are eager to take the field.

"You just feel ready, like you're surrounded by your brothers and a team ready to go out and attack whoever else is on the field," Joyner said. "It's a good feeling, it's energetic, and it gets you pumped and ready to play."