'The Seahawks are now scarier than the Cowboys:' What the national media are saying

SEATTLE - Another week, another big win.

In the wake of Sunday's 26-15 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, the national media are very much getting on board with the Seattle Seahawks' place as one of the NFL's top teams this season.

Here's a look at what they're saying.

Pro Football focus listed five reasons the rest of the NFL should be scared of the Seahawks.

At the risk of breaking some pretty major news, the Seattle defense is pretty damn good. This has been the engine room of the franchise’s success in recent years, and it’s still good enough to do much of the heavy lifting. They have been without arguably their best player in DE Michael Bennett, and it hasn’t slowed their roll even a little bit.

Plain and simple, the Seahawks are just better than the Eagles right now. At CenturyLink Field, at the Linc, anywhere. You know it. I know it. They know it. That doesn't mean the Eagles had no chance Sunday. Of course they did. This is the NFL, after all. But when you're not as good as the other guys, you have to capitalize on every opportunity, minimize your mistakes. The Eagles didn't do enough of either to make up for the gulf in talent.

If Seattle can get completely healthy, there’s another level that this team has yet to reach. Even as Dak Prescott and the Cowboys pile up points and Brady’s Patriots rack up wins, that idea is what makes the Seahawks the league’s most daunting challenge. No other roster boasts a combination that can rival Wilson and that defense. As long as both are at full strength, this season could look a lot like the past four — with the Seahawks rolling into January as the team to beat.

CBS Sports gave the Seahawks an "A" for their performance Sunday.

If NFL teams weren't frightened by the Seahawks before, they should be now. With Thomas Rawls back in the lineup, Seattle played its most balanced game of the season on offense. Rawls (57 yards) and C.J. Prosise (76 yards) led Seahawks rushing attack that put up 152 yards, the team's highest total of the season. If you're wondering why that's a big deal it's because the Seahawks are almost unstoppable when they actually have a running game, something that had been non-existent for Seattle this season.