Tyler Lockett: 'I think I'm the fastest on the team'

SEATTLE - After an up-and-down season marked by a knee injury, Tyler Lockett finally has his mojo back.

The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver has showed flashes of his best self in recent weeks, including a stunning 75-yard run two weeks ago against the Carolina Panthers.

Lockett took a few minutes to sit down for an exclusive interview with Q13 News, the official home of the Seahawks.

Tell us about your emotions during that 75-yard run (against Carolina).

Like I’ve been telling a lot of people, the biggest thing was just don’t get caught. They talked about at halftime that we were going to be able to run the play, I just didn’t know how fast they were gonna be able to call the play, and right when I took a knee that was the first play they called.  I went out there, and Brandon, as well as Nick, did a great job being able to hit those blocks and put me on the safety. I gave him a little stutter, and then I was able to stay in bounds and score.

You were clocked at 21.21 mph. Is that as fast as you can go?

Maybe I can run the 200 in that.

What gear would you call that?

I don’t know. I know me and Paul (Richardson) talk about it all the time, as far as who can run the fastest, and he said I was running – I think it was at 21 – and he said that’s slow. I’m going to try to get about 23 or 24. It might’ve been slow to him, but it was fast to the other team. As long as I don’t get caught, it doesn’t matter.

I also heard Doug Baldwin thinks he’s faster than you.

Yeah, until I ran that play and then he was like, ‘you know what, you might have me now.’ I think I’m the fastest on the team, but there might be some people who disagree.

At what point do you think you found that gear again?

I think I found it against Arizona. I think I just didn’t have those types of plays like I did last year to be able to show it. Each week is starting to get better and better, as far as being able to cut and put my foot in the ground and going. I was just happy I got that opportunity to be able to break some, be able to make some people miss in the blocks and just being able run.

What was the best piece of advice you received this season as far as just being patient going forward?

I think the biggest thing was just keep pressing through. Everybody’s going to have certain things each season that messes with them. The year’s not going to go as everybody wants it to go, so I had to really just depend on my faith and just learn throughout the process of everything that was going on. So, for me, I really learned lot and just continued to fight and continued to keep pressing, and in the end it worked out for me.

Is that the first time in your entire career you’ve been injured like that?

Yeah, for the most part, to where I had to play continuous games being injured. It was one of the first. This is probably a new season for me, as far as the things that I experienced. But like Is said, things like this are gonna happen, but the biggest thing is looking back, I could be able to see how it’s working out for me.

Do you still compare yourself to Antonio Brown? You did coming out of college.

I did, because my game is basically similar to his. But the more you learn about yourself, you start realizing you’re your own person. So there’s things he does that I’m probably not going to be able to do, and there’s some stuff that I do that he might not be able to do.

The TD dance before the regular season started, you wanted to start “The Wave.” But everybody’s standing already, right?

It didn’t work in preseason so I just decided to do other things.

Do you have something else up your sleeve?

We shall see.