Will Cable and Richard leave for bigger jobs? Carroll says it's 'a positive thing'

SEATTLE – Pete Carroll isn’t resigned to the fact some of his best assistant coaches might leave after the season.

On the contrary, he’s excited about it.

Carroll on Tuesday responded to reports linking offensive line coach Tom Cable to the San Francisco 49ers, and defensive coordinator Kris Richard to the Buffalo Bills.

“Honestly to me, it’s a very positive thing,” Carroll said. “When guys come to this program and we first talk about them coming in here, I tell them I’ll do whatever I can to help get them wherever they want to go and do whatever they want to do with their careers, and I mean that.

“So, when the opportunity comes up and our guys are getting some looks and stuff, I’m the first one cheerleading and working with them in whatever way that I can. Whether it’s getting ready for interviews, staff stuff, whatever they want.”

Cable has previous experience as a head coach, having spent two seasons leading the Oakland Raiders.

Richard, on the other hand, has worked his way steadily up under Carroll after following him from USC to the Seahawks.

Carroll said part of this though process is that he wants future job candidates to know that they, too, will get help in moving their careers along if they join his staff.

“Part of that is the messaging for the next guys that come in,” he said. “I want the next guys to know that you come in here, you’re going to be supported and you’re going to get the chance to do whatever you dreamed in your career, and I’m going to bust my tail to help them do that.”

Carroll described Cable as “a head coach just waiting for an opportunity to do it again,” and Richard as “an extraordinary guy.”

What advice would he give them, should they try to move up to the big job this month?

“Coach really well again this week and take care of this week first,” Carroll laughed.