Emerald Eats: Ciudad makes Harissa roasted carrots with whipped feta

Ciudad stopped by Studio 13 Live on Wednesday to make Harissa roasted carrots with whipped feta.



  • 16oz peeled baby carrots (or carrots cut into wide big sticks)
  • 1.5T Harissa paste
  • 1.5T Oil (canola or vegetable)
  • 1.5t Kosher Salt
  • 2T Fresh lemon juice
  • 2T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 3t Date Molasses (maple or agave would be a good sub)
  • 1oz Dates, pitted, torn into small pieces
  • 1t Za'atar
  • 1T Sliced Cilantro leaves
  • 2oz whipped Feta
  • Lime wedge for serving

Whipped Feta:

  • 3.5oz sheep's milk feta
  • 3.5oz cream cheese
  • 2oz Extra virgin olive oil
  • zest of 1 lime


  • Preheat the oven to 425F for at least 30 minutes. While the oven is preheating, peel your carrots (and if using larger ones, trim them down to a large carrot stick size).
  • In a bowl, season the peeled carrots with the harissa, vegetable oil, and salt.
  • Roast carrots for about 30 minutes. A cake tester or toothpick should easily be inserted into the carrots.
  • While carrots are roasting, you can make your whipped feta.
  • Combine sheep milk feta, lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil and cream cheese in a food processor and blend until smooth. Can also be done with a hand blender (Pro tip, let your cream cheese come up to room temperature first).
  • Pick large cilantro leaves, stack into a neat pile, and using your sharpest knife cut into thin ribbons. If you are not comfortable doing this, torn cilantro leaves tossed on top at the last minute would be a great option.
  • Toss your warm roasted with the lemon dressing and torn dates. Toss/gently mix until the dressing clings to the carrots and is almost glaze-like.


  • Spread feta on the bottom of a plate.
  • Arrange your carrots neatly across the feta.
  • Once carrots are on the plate season generously with za'atar.
  • Add your sliced cilantro over the top of the dish and a lime wedge on the side.
  • Serve while still warm and enjoy!