One-on-one with OSPI candidate David Olson

He has been on the Peninsula School Board for more than a decade, and now he has a fresh endorsement from the state GOP party to go after the highest position in state education. FOX 13 sat down with David Olson on Friday to talk about what he believes the most integral part of a superintendent's job needs to be. Also how he plans to improve plummeting grades in many schools.

One-on-one with Pete Serrano, GOP candidate for Washington AG

On Wednesday, FOX 13's Hana Kim interviewed Pete Serrano. Over the weekend, the state Republican party endorsed Serrano in the Attorney General's race. Serrano is an attorney and also the mayor of Pasco. He says he is running for various reasons but his number one priority is to prosecute crime specifically when it comes to personal crime and drugs. He says he would work with county attorneys more closely and work for more transparency.

Loren Culp to potentially lose WASPC membership over offensive online posts

In a letter dated April 3, the WASPC Executive Board called Culp out for "numerous offensive public social media posts and comments" in which he called Washington State Representative Jacqueline Maycumber a "female dog" and called Washington State Representative Travis Couture a b---h.