A Tacoma businessman's story of redemption & recovery

Just a few years ago, a man was going down the wrong path: he was living on the streets, doing drugs and watched his best friend get shot right in front of him during a drug deal gone wrong. Now, he owns two tattoo shops and tries to help those who are going through similar struggles.

Driver on the Street: Life of a cobbler

Have you ever had your shoe fixed by a specialist? FOX 13 photojournalist Michael Driver shares the story of a Tacoma cobbler whose repair shop has been busier than ever.

Gardening and healing with neighbors: Driver on the Street

Planting Seeds of Kindness is what one Tacoma family is all about. In this edition of Driver On The Street, Photojournalist Michael Driver takes us to the Sudds home, where their Love of gardening is being used to help out in a tough situation.

Tacoma Rescue Mission looks to help anyone in need

A thrift store in Tacoma had their grand opening last week, but this isn't just any business—this local spot is all about helping their employees and customers with fulfilling their needs, all while finding some great deals.

Driver on the Street: Kaleigha's Story

Nearly every school district in our region is asking for money in the upcoming special election. While many might be looking into the dollar amounts and costs, we wanted to see what that money buys. So, FOX 13 photojournalist Michael Driver introduces us to a very special student named Kaleigha.

'Sidewalk rescue' provides hope without judgment in Tacoma

Living on the streets can be dangerous and very lonely, but one man is on a mission to change that and is lending a helping hand to those in need. FOX 13 Photojournalist Michael Driver introduces us to Rodney Richardson, who is giving people a glimpse of hope.

Simple Goodness Sisters blend business with community

Simple Goodness Sisters are much more than craft mixologists creating simple syrups. FOX 13 Photojournalist Michael Driver introduces us to the Pierce County sisters Belinda Kelly and Venise Cunningham who are blending local business with community.

Horses with a healing mission

Horses with a healing mission—life can be hard at times; so hard, that people turn to some sort of therapy to help with the struggle. In this edition of Driver on the Street, photojournalist Michael Driver takes us to Olympia at Healing Hearts Ranch, where they're doing just that in their own unique way.