Bob's Java Jive

In the heart of Tacoma sits an establishment steeped in rich local history. Photojournalist Michael Driver offers a ticket inside the local tourist attraction where hundreds have found it a home away from home.

Monroe VFW Art Gallery

Photojournalist Michael Driver takes us on a tour of the local VFW post in Monroe, Washington. More than a structure, it resembles a vibrant tapestry enriching the community's fabric. It's here that one Snohomish County veteran discovered his new battleground — the world of art.

Women of Wonder

The Wonder of Women Gallery is a sanctuary where art meets healing, illuminating the richness of Black culture and providing a platform where the community feels represented in the world of art. Photojournalist Sophia Beach chats with gallery co-founder Hiawatha D. as he's set to leave a mark in history as the first Black artist to have work showcased in the Governor's mansion.

The Sign Spinner

Photojournalist Michael Driver unveils the journey of a local sign spinner who transformed the street corner into a stage for his passion.

The Jeweler

A Tacoma rap legend has reinvented himself as a trailblazing designer on a journey across the nation. For Womack the jewelry, this is an opportunity to spread his message of love, community, and social justice.

Sidewalk Rescue

Michael Driver spotlights the escalating crisis of homelessness in our communities, and the selfless acts of kindness from one local Pierce County resident who has enshrined helping the less fortunate as his life's mission, carving a path to hope and transforming lives in the process.

The Snackin' Shack

FOX 13’s True Northwest photo-journalist Michael Driver delves into the unique world of an Everett local. This isn't just any world, but a universe filled with an array of limited-edition snacks. This man's fervor for collection and his infatuation with the world of snacks has propelled him to construct what he proudly declares as the most extensive assemblage of such culinary novelties ever seen. And this isn't a private treasure, no, it's a spectacle open for the public's appreciation and desire, a testament to the incredible lengths a man's passion can take him.

A Mission of Hope

In a world where most businesses prioritize maximizing profits, One local Tacoma thrift store is dedicated to making a tangible difference in its community. Fox 13's True Northwest, Photojournalist Micheal Driver explores a unique Pierce County establishment that sets itself apart from other businesses by reinvesting their earnings into programs that provide support to the local homeless population and individuals facing crisis situations. Join us as we delve into the inspiring story of this thrift shop's commitment to social impact.

From Docks to Knocks

By day, he's just your average blue-collar worker, helping us make our way across the Puget Sound. But by night, this ferry worker transforms into a local entertainment icon with people traveling across the state just to see his act. Photojournalist Michael Driver introduces us to Randy Zellers who's found that his passion for wrestling has not only been therapeutic, but a dream come true.

The Seamstress

The clothes you wear are how you present yourself to the world , and the power of a great outfit is impossible to overstate. The phrase “the fashion industry” may conjure images of runways, models and photo shoots, but for one local designer it’s much more than that. Photojournalists Michael Driver and Scott Studach sit down with a local seamstress whose passion for design has transitioned her from the runway to the boat docks.

The Singing Sisters

In the late 1950’s, two women in Whatcom County had a life decision to make. One, chose to head to Nashville and make groundbreaking history in country music. The other chose to stay in Washington for 87 years to raise a family, but they both kept one thing in common, a love for music. Michael Driver shares the untold story of a local woman’s musical journey with country legend Loretta Lynn.

The Long Way From Home

We step into the world of the Fijian crew aboard the St. Jude. A group of hard working and dedicated individuals who find themselves legally bound to remain on board the vessel once it docks at any U.S. port. Photojournalist Sophia Beach investigates the extraordinary price they must pay to return home to Fiji in order to bring locals markets here in Seattle fresh Tuna.

The Pencil Artist

Experiencing the loss of a loved one often leads to profound moments of self-reflection and a reassessment of one's life journey. On this episode of FOX 13's TRUE NORTHWEST, photojournalist Michael Driver sits down with a local artist who transformed the heartache from losing his mother into a fervent passion for life. Through dedication and talent, this remarkable individual has risen to become one of the most sought-after hyperrealism artists of our generation, collaborating with renowned athletes and celebrities from around the world.

St. Jude Tuna

As Northwest fisheries and aquatic stocks teeter on the brink across the globe, impacted by demand and warming oceans, one local company is dedicated to bringing you the "RIGHT" tuna. Joe Malley prides himself as a sustainable fisherman in the Pacific Northwest and has been selling tuna on the docks of Fisherman's Terminal for over 20 years. He commands the St. Jude, a trawler that participates exclusively in the troll fishery for sushi-grade Albacore Tuna in a targeted and sustainable manner. Photojournalist Sophia Beach has the inside catch on this week's episode of FOX 13's "TRUE NORTHWEST".

Exit Stage Fright

In the heart of downtown Tacoma, a historic theater known for its rich history and stunning architecture is making spooky headlines. The "PANTAGES" , a beloved cultural landmark steeped in history and tradition, has long been a staple of our community. Yet, the tales of ghostly apparitions, mysterious sounds, and inexplicable occurrences have plagued this establishment for decades and have left both staff and visitors whispering about the possibility of a haunting.

321 Buddy

The saying goes, “its takes a village”, and that’s exactly what one local non -profit in Pierce County is trying to create… 321 Buddy’s goal is to build an inclusive, strong and healthy community center. A place that is always available and where kids and families with down syndrome can go to build relationships and find support. Photojournalist Michael Driver has the story in tonight's /today’s episode of FOX 13's "TRUE NORTHWEST".

1 Million Free Throws

The art of the free throw, it's an art one local man appreciates and has perfected over time. He attributes his success to consistency. Tom Steury's story originated in the hoosier state and ended in his relaxing place — 15 feet from the basket with just 30 left to make.

True Northwest: The Perfect Fit

"True Northwest" photojournalist Michael Driver visits a local Tacoma business that's creating an inclusive work environment, and providing valuable job experience to an underserved population in our community.

The Stay at Home Dad

"True Northwest”, Photojournalist Michael Driver sits down with one “stay at home dad” who's finding a balance between raising his children and making a living.

Team Benavidez

True Northwest features the people, places, and organizations that make our area unique.