Can I speed in passing lane to get around slower vehicles?

aa-trafficQ: "Are you allowed to speed a certain amount in a passing lane to get around slow moving traffic? And, is it illegal to go under the speed limit? -- Shannon A: "Shannon, it's something we actually do come across quite often. Just for your reference in most cases, a passing lane is where your side of the road divides into two. So, there's actually two lanes where you're not coming on to oncoming traffic. Where as the passing zone is where you actually have to go into oncoming traffic. So, in certain circumstances, you can go above the speed limit. You have to be really careful about that. You have to be reasonable about that. But, you will always have to remember though, the speed limit is the speed limit, and that's the maximum of speed your legally allowed to go. As well as people going under the speed limit, I know it's frustrating, but going under the speed limit is actually not really a crime, unless you're impeding travel, and then it becomes maybe a safety issue and that's where officers can step in. But, you gotta be careful when you pass, and you kind of need to slow up when those people are slower ahead of you." -- Everett police Ofc. Aaron Snell