CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thieves target founder of charity that helps kids with cancer

SEATTLE -- Surveillance video shows the faces of two women police say ripped off the founder of a charity that helps kids fighting cancer.

Lynnwood police are hoping you recognize the suspects and can tell them their names.

Kris Forth, founder of 'Finding Treasures ... For a Cure', is on a mission.

"We're a thrift store and we're a nonprofit that helps kids with cancer," said Forth.

The disease killed her young son Brandon in 2010. The money earned at her store goes to research to cure childhood cancer. It came as a shock to find out she'd been targeted by thieves.

"I know that maybe folks that steal might not have a conscience, but to steal from a thrift store that helps kids with cancer just kind of blew me away," said Forth.

Lynnwood police say the two suspects were caught on surveillance video at a grocer using credit cards stolen from Kris' wallet.

The wallet was left in her purse in the truck she parked behind Finding Treasures.

"If you are going to steal somebody’s purse and you need it that badly, just come in and ask, we’d probably give to you what you need," said Forth.

She was able to get new credit cards and replace her license but it's what she can't get back that leaves her upset and frustrated.

"I’m hoping that the detectives and your program (Washington's Most Wanted) will help elicit some help from the community in finding out who this person was and holding them accountable for what they did," she said.

For now, this grieving mother, who has done so much to help other families and sick kids, is left with a lot of mistrust.

“We don’t want to feel that way, but definitely everyone here at our staff at the store, we definitely have a much more heightened awareness that people are dishonest," said Forth.

If you know who the suspects are, Crime Stoppers will pay you a cash reward of up to $1,000 for their names. Call the hotline anonymously at 1-800-222-tips. You can also go to and send an email directly to the detective working the case if you have information