'Charlie's Dinosaur': Those touched by child tragedy serve local foster kids

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. -- Charlie's Dinosaur raises money, clothes and daily necessities for foster kids. It's a cause that was created following a child tragedy that touched so many. "I think Charlies' Dinosaur is a way to give kids a feeling they are special," said. Det. Sgt. Brian Lund of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

Lund is talking about foster kids, like the three young children removed from an Eatonville home because of neglect. "They're already displaced. They're already without family members," said Det. Linelle Anderson of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. That's where Charlie's Dinosaur comes in -- named after Charlie Powell. Charlie and his brother Braden were killed by their father in Graham back in 2012 following the disappearance of their mother Susan Powell. The boys' grandparents Chuck and Judy Cox teamed up with Pierce County detectives who worked the case and found a drawing from Charlie at the murder scene. That drawing became the logo behind the cause. "As soon as everyone saw this poster that we found during the search warrant it made everybody smile, it was the first time joy in weeks," said Det. Anderson. "Originally we thought we'd fill ten backpacks for foster kids in their honor, everybody heard what we discussing, by the next day my office filled with clothing." The Pierce County Marine Corps League heard about the good being done and joined the cause. "It's caring for children and children are our future," said George Hight. "And that's the most important thing we have in the world." Providing a little comfort for kids who have been through so much. You can help by donating new supplies -- backpacks, clothing, or luggage -- at any Larson Auto Dealership. For more information on how to donate, click here.