Help ID 'crime of opportunity' crook accused of breaking car window to steal purse in parking lot

Detectives need your help identifying a car prowler who cased the Walmart parking lot in Lacey -- even going shopping -- before shattering a victim's window to steal her purse on November 9th.

The photos above show the suspect entering and leaving the store. Note the beard and the gold necklace and medallion that he's wearing. He walked in with his hat off to show he’s bald or shaves his head.

“This person looked like they committed a ‘crime of opportunity,’ because somebody left a purse in open view in the back of their car. This guy pulls into the parking lot. He parked near it, actually stays for a little bit of time, walks around the cars after he exits his vehicle, then he goes into the store,” said Lacey Police Det. Jon Mason. “When he comes back to his car after making a purchase he notices a vehicle that had been parked there for quite a while was still in the parking lot. He gets out of his vehicle after he starts it, to prepare for his getaway, supposedly. And then, he breaks out the back window of this car, takes the purse, goes directly back to his car and then makes his getaway."

The victim knows it was a mistake to leave her purse in plain sight, or in her car at all, but that's never an excuse for a lowlife crook to cause someone serious time, money and worry. "Car keys were in there. House keys were in there. Some mail, of course, because you keep everything in your purse,” she said. “I was more worried about, since my house keys were there and they knew where we lived, are they going to come to my house late at night, take the car? Are they going to come break-in? All of a sudden a nice day trip turns into, 'Great. I gotta get my window fixed. Great. I gotta change the locks on my house,' because my house keys are missing. It costs quite a bit of money to get your car re-keyed, especially nowadays with all the electronic locks and things like that, so we spent like $3,000 worth of just trying to get all that stuff fixed, but it's a lot of sleepless nights of trying to, like, 'Oh, Is everything going to work out? Is everything okay? It's not fun. Not fun at all."

If you can tell Lacey Police his name, or know anything that can help detectives identify him, submit the information to Crime Stoppers anonymously through the P3 Tips App on your smart phone, or call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).