Help support new South Snohomish County Honor Guard

SNOHOMISH COUNTY -- I hope you never have to attend a funeral of a fallen officer. It's heart wrenching even if you didn't know them. It's not realistic to think it won't happen again, though I pray hard it doesn't. Lynnwood Sgt. David Harris works in the traffic section. He often rides in police escorts for fallen officers and their families. He realized they didn't have an honor guard and is asking for your help to change that. "Many honor guards are formed after those agencies have gone through a tragic event. What we're trying to do is put something together so that, God forbid, if something does happen, we do have a team that's ready to perform those higher honors for a fallen officer or a family member," he told me a few weeks ago adding that it is the best way they can show family members how important those lives were to them. So, Lynnwood Police, Mill Creek Police, Mukilteo Police and Edmonds Police are starting the South Snohomish County Honor Guard. It's a non-profit so they have to raise all of the money themselves. The team will include 13 members who also provide flag services at high school and college football games. "Our hope is that the public will join us and we can get some donations so that we can get started. We're a brand new team. We need every piece of equipment from the pants all the way up to the hat and related flags. Our goal is that if we can get some support from the community, we can purchase that equipment and then start participating in some of these community events," said Sgt. Harris. If you could donate a little or even do some fundraising, I know they would be extremely grateful. Just CLICK HERE to go their website.