Officers of the Month ensuring more kids have warm bed to sleep in

SEATTLE -- Two Seattle Police officers who are ensuring more kids have a warm bed to sleep in are the Officers of the Month. Officers Jeremy Wade and Ryan Gallagher have been partners for a couple of years.  After being called to a home where they found two girls sleeping on a dirty floor, they did something about it. "We went out and got a couple of twin size beds from IKEA for the girls and then after we had done that we both just kind of turned to each other and looked at each other and said there's a greater need than just this one house and this one family." They left the house feeling pretty good that day especially after hearing how much the girls loved their new beds. "We did hear that the next couple of days they spent decorating their rooms and having fun with it." With the help of the seattle police foundation, they launched the beds for kids project and turned again, to IKEA, a company dedicated to giving back to the local community, especially children. "We're going to be doing some product donations of beds, mattresses, textiles, pillows, duvets, anything they need the structural foundation of it but they also want it to be fun and colorful and a safe environment," said Emily Ness with IKEA Seattle. A team from IKEA Seattle will join officers for a full day in September to donate and set up as many beds as they can, giving more local children a safe place to sleep and it all started with Officers Wade and Gallagher. “Not only are these two recognized especially in our precinct if not department wide as being the consumate crime fighters and being out there just johnny on the spot, but it shows the kind of heart and compassion they have as well,” said Capt. Pierre Davis with the Seattle Police Dept. “They are true community ambassadors. I think this goes a long way in the community police partnership in the long run." "We're only human and we have youngs kids ourselves and I can't imagine my kids sleeping on the floor." If you would like to donate to help the officers give kids a warm place to sleep, you can go to