Snohomish County Sheriff’s chaplain helps hundreds show support for law enforcement

MILL CREEK -- Hundreds of people in Snohomish County are their showing support for law enforcement. Pastor Dan Kellogg at Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek organized the service because he feels the climate for officers is more dangerous now. He serves as a Snohomish County Sheriff's chaplain.

County Executive John Lovick, who spent 40 years in law enforcement, and Sheriff Ty Trenary talked about the challenges deputies faced in last year, from the Oso slide to the shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. Sheriff Trenary said, "I think the thing going forward that every law enforcement agency has to focus on is that we're part of the community and to come here on a Sunday and be here with our families reminds us that we're home." Sheriff Trenary also swore in four new chaplains to serve the department. Washington’s Most Wanted Host David Rose led the congregation in a pledge in support for law enforcement that reads: I pledge to do my best to follow the law. I pledge to thank a police officer or deputy for their service. I pledge to call 911 if I see someone suspicious in my neighborhood. I pledge to watch the backs of our officers as they fulfill their duties. I pledge to pray for the safety of all members of law enforcement. At the end of the service, each member of law enforcement received a special challenge coin inscripted with "We've got your back" and a handwritten letter of support from local kids.