South Snohomish County Honor Guard recognizes young boy for special gift

LYNNWOOD -- A true lesson in giving this week -- officers on the new South Snohomish County Honor Guard recognized the young Pierce County boy we introduced you to last week. "Because of your generosity, we will be able to honor those who gave their all. This certificate is presented to you, young man, on Monday, Jan. 19th, 2015, and recognizes you as an honorary member of the South Snohomish County Honor Guard."

Seven-year-old Bryce Woxen heard the officers were trying to raise money for special uniforms and flags. His dad is member of the West Pierce Fire and Rescue Honor Guard. So, he wrote the team a letter and sent them his Christmas money. "We were very surprised, to get a donation from a young man like this, was extremely pleasant to see that the youth in our community are willing to donate to our cause, as well, and when I read his letter, realizing this was money that he had received as a Christmas gift, was even more special to the team," said Sgt. David Harris of the Lynnwood Police Department. The officers were so moved, they returned the favor and gave him gift cards to use at Fred Meyer -- and then promptly took him shopping for toys. Let's all follow Bryce's lead and donate to help the honor guard buy the supplies they need to get started. You can make a donation on their website, just go to or look for a link in this story on our website. To read our earlier stories, click on these links: