Seattle weather: Scattered showers, dry days to close out the week

We continue to hang under an up-and-down weather pattern across the Northwest. Temperatures hanging well below average as we get out the door Thursday.

Normal for this time of year is 45 so starting off in the mid to upper 30s will feel brisk.

Thursday features similar conditions as Wednesday with a few scattered pockets of showers rolling through.

A look at your allergy forecast has us seeing low to moderate pollen levels. Right now tree pollen is up with Birch our dominating factor this week. 

Friday looks dry under mostly cloudy skies, but late night rain pushes inland. Saturday starts off rainy, but we'll see some improvement through the day to just light showers near dinner time.

Sunday is the better day of the weekend. Highs jump to near 60 again, but we cool off into Monday as another system swings in our way. Highs Monday land near 55. 

A brief dry break Tuesday with temps climbing to near 60 again.

Wednesday looks mostly dry under partly cloudy skies, but don't be surprised if you see a few passing showers, mainly for the mountains. Highs jump into the mid 60s! Enjoy!

Have a great night all! ~Erin Mayovsky, FOX 13 Forecaster

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