Awesome October weather ahead

High pressure off-shore keeps the storm track with clouds and showers up north. That will mean a chance of showers for areas in our northern tier of counties in Washington State. Elsewhere some nice dry weather with some pleasant afternoon sunshine for most of us. 

That high pressure ridge off-shore keeps us pretty mild the next few days-- with clouds and showers hang mostly to the north. The cold blast of air affecting the middle part of the country across the Rockies and Great Plains with snow and ice is only brushing past the NW. 

While showers hang to the north the next few days and could see our warmest temperatures on Thursday where some places in the South Sound could end up hitting 60 degrees. More widespread showers move through on Friday. The weekend outlook continues to improve.

Halloween we could see some nice gaps in the cloud deck to see the Full Blue Hunter's Moon. The Hunter's Moon is named for the time of year considered prime time to hunt once the fields were cleared of crops. This month also gets the "blue" tag too because it's the second one of October. 

Don't forget we change our clocks this weekend go back into standard time. It happens officially at 2a Sunday-- but it's a good idea to check smoke detector batteries, furnace filters, and make sure your winter storm supplies are stocked up with candles, batteries, etc. -Tim Joyce