Cooler weather for Seattle with patchy frost

Temperatures today will drop by more than ten degrees compared to the warmth we enjoyed on Saturday. In some areas, lows early Monday will be cold enough to create frost in some backyards. 

H⁠⁠ighs this afternoon will reach the mid to upper 50s with a few exceptions reaching the low 60s. Partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies are on tap today. There could be isolated showers with locally heavy rain, small hail and spotty lightning strikes. Keep a warm sweatshirt and rain jacket with you!

O⁠⁠vernight, frost could develop in the east Puget Sound lowlands, the Hood Canal, South Sound and Southwest Interior. With overnight lows tumbling to 33 to 35, temps on the ground could be chillier, creating frost. Cover up sensitive plants!

S⁠⁠kies clear and temperatures rebound to the 60s on Monday. Highs warm further on Tuesday but clouds thicken. 

Light showers are possible Wednesday. Scattered rain remains in the forecast Thursday. Friday could be mostly dry, but I can't currently guarantee that it'll be entirely so. Saturday could be dry with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. 

H⁠⁠ave a wonderful Sunday!

T⁠⁠ake care, 

M⁠⁠eteorologist Abby Acone
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