Did you see the Northern Lights? TRACKER HERE

The magnetic solar storm arranged a colourful show of aurora borealis in the night skies of Hyvinka in Southern Finland early morning, 31 October 2003.

SEATTLE -- The Northern Lights may be headed our way.

According to Accuweather.com, solar flares that ignite the Aurora Borealis are expected to hit Earth with the correct strength and direction necessary to light up the sky around the Northwest, Northeast and much of the north central skies.


The Friday night/early Saturday flares are rated X-class, the most powerful class of solar flares, Accuweather.com reported. Solar flares occur when radiation from the sun reaches Earth and interacts with charged protons in the atmosphere.

Officials report the solar storm is so strong it could have a negative impact on radio frequencies, cell phones and satellite reception.

Another round of strong solar flares is expected to hit Earth Thursday, too.

Q13 FOX News Meteorologist M.J. McDermott recommended stargazers' best get away from the city as their bet to see the Northern Lights.

She also reminded people that a bright moon -- essentially leftover from the Supermoon event earlier this week -- could further hamper viewing opporutnities. She suggested getting outdoors early, before the moon rises, to get a good look at the lights.

Happy hunting, stargazers!