Driver fined nearly $600 for driving with snow-covered windshield in Washington state

Washington State Troopers fined a driver in Kitsap County $553 and cited them for negligent driving for failing to clear the snow from their windshield.

Trooper Katherine Weatherwax shared an image on Twitter of only a tiny portion of the windshield having been cleared. The rest was covered in several inches of snow and ice.

The traffic stop happened on Dec. 4 on State Route 16. The driver was ticketed for negligent driving in the 2nd degree.

Trooper Weatherwax went on to say that the car was reportedly driving erratically for at least five miles prior to the traffic stop. The driver claimed that the windshield wipers weren't working.

Weatherwax reminded drivers to take the time to remove all snow from your vehicle before hitting the road.


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