Dry December continues

Another beautifully dry day in our rainy season. The downslope warming east winds have died down a bit, so not quite as warm as our record-breaking day yesterday. 60 at SeaTac! That's almost as good as December gets around these parts. What you'll really notice today is the high incoming clouds. So, less of that beautiful blue-- but any sprinkles or showers from this weakening front look to stay along the coast. 

The high pressure with all that dry air is still with us-- but it's shifted a tad to the east. That will mean incoming fronts will try to bring in precipitation-- but I don't think any will be strong enough to deliver anything but coastal showers. That is until the weekend-- but just for part of the weekend. 

Late Saturday we finally see a front that looks to bring in our first rain drops of the month. Though a few of the forecast models are even showing that one fizzling out too. Either way-- once it passes-- Sunday looks mostly dry-- but I don't think we'll get all that much sunshine. 

Next week our soggiest day looks like Tuesday- but overall a trend back to a more typical wetter and warmer when it comes to our overnight lows. -Tim Joyce