Drying out a bit

After about 14 hours of steady rain in most Western Washington locations, we're getting a bit of a repreive from Mother Nature.

Still some showers for today, but we'll also see some sunbreaks. Even as we dry out a bit, we have an elevated risk of landslides that will continue the next couple days. High temps will be just a bit above the normal high of 46 for this part of January. 

Still more mountain snow, but winter weather advisories are all set to expire at 10 a.m. Two rivers (Chehalis & Skokomish) remain at or near bankfull. The high water will continue to be minor to almost moderate through this afternoon. We're drying out completely for tomorrow. 

Our "Rain-uary" parade of storms resumes on Friday as more rain will return, but it doesn't look nearly as soggy as recent storms. Most of Saturday looks pretty dry, including the Seahawks game against the Rams at Lumen Field. Saturday night into Sunday looks like another big dose of rain and mountain snow. 

Still too soon to tell, but the middle of the day on Sunday could end up dry -- with rain at times Sunday night into the beginning of next week. -Tim Joyce