First 70s of the season in Puget Sound!

I'm happy to be the bearer of good news today: highs this afternoon will soar to the 70s for many!

We're running a little ahead of schedule for this kind of warmth in Seattle. The average first 70-degree day of the year is April 15 at Sea-Tac. We're right on time in Olympia. There, the average first 70-degree day of the year is April 6. 

Unfortunately, this big warmup is making for dangerous avalanche conditions. Check with Northwest Avalanche Center for the latest forecast.

Today, high-level clouds will give us a "filtered sunshine" effect. By 10:00 p.m., rain will push along the Central and North Coast. By 2:00-3:00 a.m., heavy rain could sweep through Puget Sound. 

By 7:00 a.m. Friday, showers will become more isolated, but some rain could be heavy. There could even be a few lightning strikes or small hail. Friday will be partly sunny and breezy - not to mention noticeably cooler as well. A little mountain snow could slow down traffic over the passes.

Here's the timing of the showers: 

Saturday's forecast looks very similar to what we expect tomorrow. Stray thunderstorms, slightly blustery weather, a little mountain snow and partly sunny skies are on the way. 

Sunday morning, it looks cold enough for there to be spotty flurries mixed with rain. Snow levels will drop to 400 feet. This means that some of the higher hills (like Queen Anne, the Sammamish Plateau and Enumclaw) could see lowland snowflakes. Even if the snow stuck to the ground over the foothills, it would melt quickly. There's a much better chance that nothing will stick at all. 

Hope you enjoy the warmth while we have it!


Meteorologist Abby Acone
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