Seattle weather: Freezing fog and crisp afternoon sunshine ahead

The sunshine this week will be absolutely beautiful, but don't let the sun fool you—it'll be quite chilly! At times this week, there could be fog or freezing fog in the morning.

This morning, Western Washington woke up to mid to high-level clouds. That will clear for plentiful afternoon sunshine.

Check out the overnight lows this week! Make sure to bundle up.

Here's a look at our high temps today. These are numbers we might see in late November or early December!

Our average highs this time of year range in the low to mid 50s. By late November, average highs drop to the upper 40s.

We stay dry this week because a ridge of high pressure will be dominating our weather pattern. Tomorrow, this high pressure moves more directly overhead. That will give way to more widespread fog Monday morning. Keep in mind: some of this fog could be of the freezing variety. This means that bridges, overpasses and sidewalks could be especially slick. Drive carefully!

Tuesday, there's a lesser chance for fog in the morning. Wednesday and Thursday could start foggy, but sunshine should reappear in the afternoons. Friday and Saturday, temperatures stay chilly. 

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Meteorologist Abby Acone

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