More mild fall weather in store: 60s today, 70s tomorrow?

Sunday was just an incredible fall day! High temperatures normally top out near 60, but instead, we’re riding a bit of a warm wave with highs soaring into the mid to upper 60s and yes some of us hit 71 today like Kelso and Vancouver topped out at 70. That’s 10-11 degrees above the seasonal average this afternoon. Sunday was also the latest on the calendar that we’ve ever gotten up to 80 degrees.

A strong ridge of high pressure of shore will deliver more autumn sunshine this week. While some mornings will have some patchy dense fog and cold/frosty mornings, we make up for it in the afternoon. Expect high temps to be 5-10 degrees above normal for the first part of the work week.

I think we’ll get to near 70 on Tuesday & Wednesday. The record high for Tuesday is 70 degrees at SeaTac set back 2002. By the end of the week, we’ll see more marine influence air moving in which will mean thicker and more morning clouds and it will have our afternoon highs closer to 60 than 70. No real rain in sight either at this point.

We do have a couple of ALERTS tonight for the southern and eastern portion of our state. A FREEZE WARNING in effect overnight for Kelso south and Yakima east. Temperatures there are expected to drop into the low to mid 30s. The warnings will expire by 9am Monday morning.

Tim Joyce, Q13 Meteorologist