Rain Chances are back!

Happy Sunday!

The clouds broke for more sunshine and the temperatures were able to rebound back into the 80s. We reached a high of 81 degree this afternoon and those 80s will stick around for the next few days. As the 80s return and the sunshine continues, we'll remain quiet, and the dry streak will roll on. However, I am tracking rain chances in our forecast by the end of the work week. 

Friday looks like our best shot for rain! At the surface, a cold front will track across our area and trigger scattered showers. Now, rain chances begin Thursday and continue to remain spotty throughout the weekend, but it won't be as promising as Friday. We should get some measurable rainfall from this too. This should stop our dry streak in its tracks.

In the upper levels of our atmosphere, we'll have an upper-level low pressure system swoop down and tap into that moisture for us. We'll start with those spotty showers on Thursday and ramp it up on Friday. Here is a breakdown of the two days on our Futurecast:

Talking a look at the precipitation outlook, we're in no man's land for the month of August. This basically means we have an equal chance of seeing either above or below average rainfall totals. We'll add up the days and see where we stand by the end of the month!

In the meantime, here is a look at what we can expect in the next three days. Expect sunny, warm, and dry conditions until our next system approaches!

Have a good one!