Rain, rain, rain... in July?

SEATTLE -- Not only will this be the wettest day of the week, it will likely be the wettest day of the whole month for many cities here in the Pacific Northwest. There's a chance for some thunderstorms this afternoon, though mostly in the Cascades. The weekend is stll looking exactly like a typical NW summer with lots of sunshine and some warm temperatures.

TODAY we'll see rain at times, something I don't often say in July. It looks to taper off into showers later this evening. High temps a bit cool about 65-70. Tonight some scattered showers continues with overnight lows in the 50s.

TOMORROW could see a few early morning showers, mostly north of Everett. We'll see the showers stop and the sun return to the forecast by the afternoon. High temps near 70.

THE WEEKEND looks great. We'll see lots more sunshine for FRIDAY. High temps mid 70s for Seattle/Puget Sound. SATURDAY and SUNDAY both look great. Brief clouds on Satruday but nice sunshine. High temps 80-85 for Seattle and near 90 for Portland. Great weather for the Torchlight Parade on Saturday night in downtown Seattle. Sunday looks like wall to wall sun. Highs 80-85 for Seattle.

NEXT WEEK looks like the summery weather sticks around. The trend looks for a marine push of cooler air to act as nature's air conditioning as we get into the middle of the week. High temps likely back into the 70s by Wednesday.

Beautiful sunset from the Tokitae Ferry from Whidbey Island. Viewer pic from Sam in Everett