Showers, 60s in the forecast before Washington warms back up

SEATTLE -- After some overnight rain in the convergence zone, we're still seeing cloudy skies around much of the region. Showers are still in the forecast, though mostly for the mountains.

A hooded jacket comes in handy for sure in those areas -- otherwise, it's more of an optional accessory due to just the chance of showers for the rest of the day. Sunglasses will come in handy too for the breaks we see in the cloud deck later on this morning and early afternoon.

Best bet for the showers is in the mountains, but a chance for the lowlands and coast as well. High temps around Puget Sound a bit closer to that normal of 76 for this part of July. Tonight clouds return with overnight lows in the 50s. For July this is a very active weather pattern.

Wednesday we'll see a low move towards us from near the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The low looks to be enhanced by a feature in the jet stream called a jet streak. That will mean some extra sogginess likely for Wednesday. We still have a chance of showers on Thursday and maybe Friday morning too-- though mostly for the mountains. Drier, warmer and sunnier weather expected (and long hoped for by many) for the weekend.