Spotty Showers Tonight

We officially topped out at 71 degrees this afternoon. The majority of the day was spent in the upper 60s because of the cloud cover and spotty sprinkles. Tonight, will be our best shot for showers and accumulation. Most of this activity will be light in nature but we'll have some isolated spots of heavier downpours.

Overnight lows will bottom out in the mid-lower 50s for most of us. It'll be dreary tomorrow morning to get us started as the drizzle/isolated showers continue.

The good news is the cloud cover and showers will clear and then the sun will appear. Highs will range, depending on where you are, but at least the clouds will break for most of us.

Temperatures will rise into the weekend as we dry up! Our normal high temperature this time of year is 76 degrees and we hit it right on the nose. Expect more sunshine too as the clouds dip in and out of our forecast.

I hope you've enjoyed the changes in our forecast! Have a good one :)