The haze will clear in Western Washington

It was a warm and muggy day across the region today. We reached a high of 84 degrees as the haze continued in our forecast. The shot below was taken earlier this evening. The smoke scatters the light in the atmosphere and allows for the unique color change in our sun/sunsets. Pretty cool! 

As the smoke continues to hang around in our forecast, our air quality continues to remain low. I saw a lot of orange (Unhealthy for sensitive people) reports today. 

The good news is the haze/smoke is improving at the surface. This will continue to clear out as the day progresses tomorrow. 

The bad news is the smoke/haze will hang around in the upper levels of the atmosphere. We'll start to see this clear out completely tomorrow night.

As the smoke clears, the temperatures drop, and the clouds build. A cold front will approach the area on Monday, dropping our temperatures and increasing rain chances once again! The convergence zone will set up and we could see some more accumulation into Tuesday morning. 

Have a good one and I'll see you on Q13FOX!