Traction tires required on Stevens, Snoqualmie Passes as snow blankets roadways

STEVENS PASS, Wash. -- Traction tires are required on Stevens and Snoqualmie passes after early season snow blanketed the roadways Tuesday and caused traffic headaches.

Traction tires were advised for much of the day, but now they're required in both areas until further notice. Chains are required on vehicles over 10,000 gross vehicle weight, and oversized vehicles are prohibited, Bryant said.

The storm system is expected to dissipate midday, and we might see some sun breaks between afternoon showers.

Overnight lows will be cold, likely in the 30s for most of us in the lowlands of western Washington. The record lows are in the mid to upper 30s for this part of October-- so some records could be tied or broken Wednesday morning.

THIS WEEK: The low-pressure system dropping into the middle of the U.S. will bring in a lot of cold Canadian air into our region for the next two-and-a-half days.  We'll see some fantastic autumn sunshine -- but the price to pay will be some cold overnight lows. Some areas will also see some dense morning fog since there will be a significant difference between the 50 degree water and much colder air sitting on top of it. We'll slowly warm up our mornings later in the week -- but the afternoons still stay a bit chillier than the average high temp of 64. After today the next chance of showers looks to be this weekend-- but most of those showers could end up just being along the coast and in the mountains.