Weekend gardening outlook: great for November

November is our wettest month of the year, but this weekend looks like we're going to see some dry weather during the days the next few days. WIth five inches of rain so far this month, despite how wet that it is-- we're actually a bit shy of our average November precipitation.  

The previous wet weather can make the soil really soggy and hard to work with. If you can grab a handfull of soil and make a mud ball-- avoid digging around in the yard or garden. If your soil is dry enough to work-- it's a great time to put bulbs in the ground for next spring. 

Great weather for raking or any other yard chores you'd like to get done such as putting up holiday lights. If you're rather not rake-- and I'm one who hates raking-- a quick easier alternative would be to break out your lawn mower one more time this season. Chopping up the leaves with the mower and leaving them right there on the lawn is some free fertilizer. -Tim Joyce