100 dogs and cats + 1 potbelly pig rescued from Texas-kill shelter

EVERETT, Wash. -- Over a hundred shelter pets and one pot-belly pig are getting a second chance at life.

On Sunday, cats, dogs and Poppy the Pig boarded a flight to freedom all the way from North Texas.

They arrived in Everett thanks to Wings of Rescue and the Free-Kibble organization. The two groups are passionate about saving animals at-risk of being euthanized. Wings of Rescue flies adoptable pets to shelters where they’re immediately adopted. To date this collaboration has saved over 6,000 dogs and cats.

"We'll be checking them in getting them spayed and neutered, if they need to be and then they'll be put up for adoption," said NOAH Center coordinator Randy White.  "Our average length of stay is just a couple of days for the dogs."

The pets were distributed to PAWS, NOAH, Kitsap Humane Society and Humane Society of Skagit Valley.

Texas has the highest euthanasia rate in the country due to overcrowding.